43 Pen and Ink Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

pen and ink artists

And maybe it’s time you got your own work up on there as well.

When it comes to social networks these days you won’t get much better bang for your buck than Instagram. Especially if you’re a pen and ink artist (or any type of artist for that matter).

And if you do happen to be an artist – there’s nothing like the daily inspiration of a well curated Instagram feed. A non-stop barrage of amazing artwork for your eye holes to take in 24/7.

I’m always on the hunt for awesome artwork and artists – to keep my motivation running high. And do we ever have that in the list of creators below here.

I find the signal to noise ratio is a lot better on Instagram versus Facebook. While it’s nice to keep up with friends and current events on Facebook you also have to wade through a lot of outrage porn and clickbait articles.

On Instagram we get sharks!

According to an analysis done by Forrester, brands achieved  58 times more engagement on Instagram per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

So if you’re looking to get more more exposure on the web for your visual creations…

Get your shit up on Instagram.

From putting in a bit more of a concentrated effort on the network myself – I’ve come away pretty impressed with the results. The size of the creative community (and sub communities) on Instagram is vast and a little overwhelming at first. But you’ll quickly settle in.

So without further ado – here’s the most badass group of artists that I could find demonstrating mastery of pen and ink on Instagram.

Please add anyone that I’ve missed in the comments below.

Aaron Horkey

I’d put Aaron in the top 10 (maybe top 3) pen and ink illustrator / artists working on the planet today. He makes everyone want to pack up and go home. He’s that good. Enjoy!

Ashley Wood

If you’re like me – you’ve been following Ash for damn near 2 decades. Now we can follow him on Instagram.

Becky Cloonan

 Becky was one of the first artists that I ever interviewed. Good to see she’s even better now. 

“You bred raptors…?” My piece for the @mondotees gallery show “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth”! A photo posted by Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan) on

Chris Riddell

Cash book sketchbook.

A photo posted by Chris Riddell (@chris_riddell) on

Chris Samnee

Chris captures the spirit and essence of Marvel and DC characters with his accomplished minimalist approach.  

Been thinking that it was Monday all day today– nope, still the weekend. ???? A photo posted by Chris Samnee (@chrissamnee) on

Dan Fraga

I’ve been admiring Dan’s work since the early days of Image.

Daily Sketch: 211 of 365. Blown

A photo posted by Dan Fraga (@couchdoodles) on

Dave Rapoza

 Killer figure work from Dave. 

24 hour auction for my original Wolverine inks! www.ebay.com/itm/-/221838872333 #xmen #wolverine #inks #original A photo posted by Dave Rapoza (@daverapoza) on


Simply jaw-dropping detail in his work. Master of multiple mediums.

Eric Canete

25 years on and I still love Eric’s work as much as the first day I laid eyes upon it.  

05.04.13 A photo posted by Eric Canete (@ericcanete) on

Fiona Staples

She doesn’t post extremely often on Instagram, but when she does…

I’m watching season 5 of Misfits, so here’s Rudy’s precious face.

A photo posted by Fiona Staples (@fionastaples) on

Florian Bertmer

I own several prints done by Florian. His work never fails to impress.  

WIP #amidemon #notofthisworld #coliseum #doomriders #danzig #florianbertmer #bertmer #art #illustration A photo posted by Florian Bertmer (@florianbertmer) on

Francis Manapul

Always cool to see his work show up in my feed. I’ve been digging his recent experiments playing around with various art styles.

Up close on #wonderwoman #justiceleague #godsandmen

A photo posted by Francis Manapul (@francis_manapul) on

Greg Tocchini

 Greg’s work has always felt alive. His innovative panel to panel sequences make my eyes happy! 

LOW … A photo posted by Greg Tocchini (@gregtocchini) on

J Scott Campbell

Unmistakable style.

Jae Lee

Every new Jae Lee piece that shows up on here is a gift for my peepers. I can never get enough.

#hulk #marvel #montrealcomiccon #commission A photo posted by Jae Lee and June Chung (@jaeleeart) on

Screw it – I’m posting a second image by Jae Lee…

Just head on over to his page and soak it all in.

#spiderman #sinistersix #greengoblin #venom #marvel #commission #jaelee

A photo posted by Jae Lee and June Chung (@jaeleeart) on

Jamie McKelvie

 Those warm up sketches… 

Kusanagi warm up sketch. A photo posted by Jamie McKelvie (@mckelvie) on

Jason shawn Alexander

Sweet Jesus! Now this is what I’m talking about.

Jeffrey Alan Love

 His various styles are more off the beaten path. And I appreciate all of them.

Jeremy Sorrell

Again – Jeremy has built up a legion of fans with his incredible off-kilter renderings.

my attempt at channeling some @jasonshawnalex and @kentwms inspiration

A photo posted by Jeremy Sorrell (@jeremysorrell) on

Jim Lee

Jim doesn’t play fair. He just toys with us. And after all of these years he’s still kicking ass and taking names.

Final scan #Batman1966 #dccomics #muse ???? A photo posted by Jim Lee (@jimleeart) on

Jim Mahfood

I had to scroll waaaaay down on Jim’s feed to find this drawing of ROM Spaceknight. His profile is one of the best (and most insane) ones out there on Instagram. He posts often and it’s always worth it.

Here’s more Mahfood. Simply awesome!

Seriously – go check out his page.


Jock’s sketches are a thing of beauty. I’m glad he keeps posting them on Instagram. You will be as well.

DKR sketch #SDCC

A photo posted by Jock (@jock4twenty) on

John Dyer Baizley

 If Pushead handed the torch off to any artist – it’s JDB. One of the most accomplished pen and ink artists in the game. 

Tomorrow @ brlsq. #coliseum. A photo posted by John Dyer Baizley (@aperfectmonster) on

John Welding

John has a playful old-school style that takes me to the happy days of ‘way back’.

#WatertonComic Page 10 Panel inking details.

A photo posted by John Welding (@johnweldingillustrator) on

Juan Francisco Casas

Juan draws mostly beautiful (and mostly nude) women in large format illustrations with blue ball point pens.

Kim Jung Gi US

Kim does more artwork in a week than most artists pull off in months. He draws big. He draws fast. And you’ll cry when you see how good it is.

KJG’s original drawing for sale! #SDCC #booth5005 #kimjunggi

A photo posted by Kim Jung Gi US (@kimjunggius) on

Lucas Ruggieri

Holy shit!

Finally finishing up the first layer of ink on this, looking forward to starting the second. #lucasruggieri #lrillustration A photo posted by Lucas Ruggieri (@lr_illustration) on

Mahmud Asrar

I was not previously familiar with Mahmud’s work. A Twitter friend suggested I take look. Glad they did!

Antlers – My new banner image for conventions #antlers #girl #art #illustration

A photo posted by Mahmud Asrar (@mahmudasrar) on

Marcio Takara

 Another artist who works primarily for the ‘big two’ and is worth your time.

#ArmorWars #SecretWars A photo posted by Marcio Takara (@marciotakara) on

Mark W. Richards

Mark of Heavy Hand Illustration seems to never stop creating and I hope he never does.

Michael Oeming

The one and only.   

#superman A photo posted by @oeming on

Mike Sutfin

Mike’s work is so good – it hurts.

Ming Doyle

I was worried we’d lose Ming completely to the ‘illustration world’ – because damn! – her comic renderings keep getting better.  

#BostonComicCon sketch, #BatmanReturns #Catwoman! #hashtags A photo posted by Ming Doyle (@mingdoyle) on


You know who’s a better artist than Pushead? No one.

Rafael Grampá

 The first time I was introduced to Rafael’s art I thought to myself, ‘1. Holy crap! 2. This guy came swinging out of the gates with a wholly original style. 3. I hope he can keep doing this for decades.’ 

Batgirl. #Comission #Batman #rafaelgrampa A photo posted by Rafael Grampá (@rafael_grampa) on

Rich Kelly

Rich is another very talented and distinct voice in illustration.

#tbt working out an eventual cover for @bicycletimes magazine.

A photo posted by Rich Kelly (@therichkelly) on

Richey Beckett

 I only discovered Richey’s art in 2015 – but if he keeps this up he’ll soon be in charge of the ‘illustration and poster’ cartel.

Pen and ink detail, part of a very exciting new project.. More soon..???? #richeybeckett #penandink A photo posted by Richey Beckett (@richeybeckett) on

Ryan Benjamin

Just straight up awesome!

Batman commission

A photo posted by ryan benjamin (@ryanbnjmn) on

Ryan Ottley

I had seen Ryan’s sketches and drawings periodically on Facebook – but holy hell it’s amazing seeing them all in one place!  

My first sketchbook cover. Violence and piggybacks. Her name is Unicorn Girl. And she kills stuff. A photo posted by Ryan Ottley (@ryanottley) on

Simon Kercz

Simon’s work is often not for the faint of heart – but it’s all rendered with undeniable skill.

Having some Sunday fun playing with some deleted halftone sheets I got. #drawing #punks #skunked

A photo posted by Simon Kercz (@simonyetikercz) on

Skottie Young

 I haven’t had enough of Skottie’s work in my diet lately. Time to fix that. 

Almost halfway #4pager #giantsizelittlemarvel #wip A photo posted by skottie young (@skottieyoung) on

Tula Lotay

Amazing travel photos mixed in with amazing artwork. A life well lived!

Rebels #5 sketch

A photo posted by Tula Lotay (@tulalotay) on

Yuko Shimizu

 There’s only one Yuko. Her style is unmistakable and she works every inch of the page. We’re lucky she shares her process with us every step of the way.  

???????????????? A photo posted by Yuko Shimizu (@yukoart) on


Nope – one image isn’t going to cut it. Here’s more Yuko!

Me tired.

A photo posted by Yuko Shimizu (@yukoart) on

And if you’re so inclined you can follow me as well…

 I’ve been using my Instagram page specifically for GoPro photography and pen and ink drawings. Felt good to ditch the cell phone photos and play around in two different mediums. 

Fun with a Pilot big blue, a 2-dollar brush and a razor blade. #penandink #madmax #illustration #furyroad A photo posted by Jason Thibault (@jay_thibs) on

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