Editorial Guidelines for this Blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve built a platform where I could use my own voice on the internet. Maybe as far back as MySpace in the mid 2000’s.

So in the spirit of building a site that I myself would want to keep returning to I’ve laid out some ground rules that I’ll need to follow.

#1: No lazy posts or meaningless horseshit. I’ll either endeavor to do deep dives into subjects or provide long exhaustive (and well researched) lists so that you can do your own deep dives. Similar to what we tried to do on OptimumWound.com up until 2010 where mega thousand+ word interviews and articles were the norm. There’s plenty of other sites that post 5-20 times a day and you know where to find them. I will try to maintain a twice a month posting frequency on here.

#2: I’ll curate a post once a month with all of the amazing and useful items that I come across during the previous 30 days. I’ll try to keep it to 15 items or less and filter out the pointless and irrelevant.

#3: I’ll keep the tone lighter and more authentic on here so we can have positive and productive conversations in the comments. I do miss all of the thousands of creatives that I used to routinely talk to when I was running my micro comics publishing biz. I also welcome healthy discussion and thoughtful counter arguments. Trolling and negativity however will have no place on here.

#4: This site will primarily be a way to write about and talk to creatives of all shapes and sizes. Self-publishing (both books and comics) will come up often, but so will film and other media. We’re all trying to carve out our own path and we all have a lot to learn from each other. When I launched (and eventually walked away from) my publishing company in the late 2000’s I was attempting to model it after successful indie record labels. I succeeded wildly in some aspects and failed miserably in others. But I’ll eventually put those lessons that I’ve taken from that amazing experience into words on here. And what I would have done differently.

#5: This list will be subject to revisions and additions but for now I’m cool with it.


About Jason Thibault

Jason Thibault  is a writer, artist, & owner of boutique content marketing agency Massive Kontent. Follow him on Twitter (@jasonthibault) and Instagram (@jay_thibs).